Improve Your Lifestyle With Cal Spas Swim Spas

Improve Your Lifestyle With Cal Spas Swim Spas

A Cal Spas Swim Spa helps improves lives everywhere. From everyday fitness to professional training a Cal Spas Swim Spa will bring many benefits to your health.

Energy- when your blood is flowing and doing full bodywork out your body will release endorphins. The Swim Spa gives you an overall body work out and in a result, you will have tons of energy. When you walk out of a Cal Spas Swim Spa you will feel like your walking on clouds!

Healthy Body- After one week your cells start to rejuvenate and you feel more energy. After one month you will notice physical changes in your muscles. After six months you will have so much self-confidence because you will ultimately feel and see the difference. After one year your bone density will increase which means your risk of fracture is minimum!

Custom Training – For athletes looking to elevate their swimming and fitness experience right in the comforts of their own backyard, Cal Spas has designed the Pro-Trainer™ swim system with “Swim Pro Workout” technology. With the push of a button, the program automatically increases or decreases jet speed in timed increments, giving you an optimized treadmill-like swimming experience, giving you and your muscles all the benefits of a variant training session. Whether you choose a gentle, low-resistance workout or an aggressive pace, “Swim Pro Workout” is like having your own private swim coach right at home.

Low Impact Exercise- Water helps increase the benefits of exercise by creating buoyancy. Take the weight of your muscles and bones! This will help you to relax and comfortable while getting the benefits of exercise.

Training Recovery- After you train in the Cal Spas Swim Spa, you can use the recovery seat and recover your muscles, feel your heart going back to the normal heart rate while exclusive Cal Spas Jets strategically give you a deep and/or soft tissue massage.

Entertainment – Whether you are by yourself or you have your friends over, a Cal Spas Swim Spa is full of entertainment. The waves are so powerful it is relevant to the ocean current. Turn on the LED lights and enjoy the ambiance of your backyard living space. Turn on your favorite tunes and make your swim spa the focal point to your gatherings!

Peace of mind- Cal Spas Swim Spas is the ultimate fitness experience. You can clear your mind in many ways. Getting fit, massaging your muscles, relieving your joints, and being in the fresh air. You will be amazed at the unlimited benefits


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