Are you struggling with sore muscles? Chronic joint pain? Stiffness in certain body parts? Cal Spas is here to help!

Cal Spas offers Aquatic Air Therapy delivering a complete soft tissue therapy experience. AAT is an exclusive feature only available from Cal Spas.

The AAT infuses air and water with jet engine technology to create a kinetic power for a wonderful experience. It uses a combination of three different flow patters that offers rejuvenation to sore muscles and tired joints. The system works in conjunction with the massage ring to complete the experience.

The AAT features three different jet types:

Flex Jet

The Flex Jet delivers a gentle but strong stream of water to more delicate body parts including wrist, joints, and extra sensitive muscles.

Duo Jet

The Duo Jet is perfect for larger parts of the body including lower back, legs, and shoulders. Place your back on the Duo Jet and it will work wonders!

Precision Jet

The Precision Jet emits the perfect combination of air and water to target specific problematic areas while a soft massage ring provides relief on contact. This jet is perfect for relieving muscle tension and stiffness.

Another great feature of the AAT is its Air Control System.

AAT Air Control

This dedicated Air Control allows YOU to adjust the airflow precisely to create your individualized therapy experience.

Provide yourself with a life of health and wellness the Cal Spas way. You deserve it!

For additional information on Cal Spas’ Hot Tubs, please visit or Call 1-800-CAL-SPAS

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