Entertain with Atmosphere and Ambiance | Cal Spas

Entertain with Atmosphere and Ambiance | Cal Spas

Placing a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa in your outdoor patio is good for your overall well-being by performing activities that include fitness, relaxation, and entertainment! Built with exclusive features that will enhance your spa experience by adding atmosphere and ambiance. 

Cal Spas intuitive operating controls let you alter the look and feel of your hot tub with easy-to-use touch button controls. Underwater LED lighting allows you to set the mood for your evening soak while C-LITE™ LED Cabinet Lighting adds ambiance to your spa’s exterior and surroundings.

Take a look closer look at what Cal Spas Entertainment features:       


Interior Perimeter LED Lighting LED multi-colored lighting creates a visual array to impact your spa experience and a welcoming visual for approaching bathers.

Cascade Waterfall Cal Spas waterfall feature allows you to further recreate a peaceful, tropical environment in your home resort space with your choice of classic cascade or vertical fountain styles. Relax as the melody of the water drops landing atop the surface of your spa waters in concert with the delicate sounds of the jets. You can even enhance the look and feel of any waterfall with custom LED lighting options.

Hydrostreamers Plus™ Enjoy true ambiance in your Cal Spas Swim Spa with our modern and sleek Hydrostreamers Plus. Equipped with a Stainless Steel Rim, LED Raised Slotted Waterfall with an Elongated Stream.

Premium LED Spa Lighting Whether you’re setting the tone for a romantic evening or entertaining family and friends, Cal Spas array of LED lighting options can help craft the perfect ambiance. LED lights are available across the perimeter of the spa as well as on valve jets and cup holders. Your LED lighting scheme can also be uniquely programmed to a singular color or to rotate across a variety of different shades.

C-LITE™ LED Cabinet Corner Lighting   Add a unique accent and personalized look to your home resort space with Cal Spas Corner Cabinet Lighting. Powered with energy-efficient LED bulbs, the C-LITE™ is a cost-effective way personalize and beautify the look and feel of your hot tub


Freedom Sound  The Cal Spas Freedom Sound package comes complete with a Bluetooth-compatible high range speaker system with up to 72-watts of crystal-clear sound across 2”, 4” or 6” weatherproof speakers. Choose our High-Power Subwoofer with Waterproof Marine-Grade Speakers for the ultimate audio experience while you relax or entertain.


Cal Spas WI-FI Module Enjoy the sound of your favorite playlist in any spa you choose!


Enjoy your spa for decades to come with exclusive features that will enhance your spa experience. Just 15 minutes a day and you will transmute into a world of paradise.

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