Have a Healthy Heart Immersing in the F-1222 Swim Spa | Cal Spas

Have a Healthy Heart Immersing in the F-1222 Swim Spa | Cal Spas

The Cal Spas Swim Spa Fitness F-1222 is our most modest swim spa. Equipped with 22 exclusive Candy Cane Jets and large enough to fit up to 6 people

The F-1222 is ideal for heart health due to size, power, and functionality. The Swim Jet System is ideal for beginner level of fitness. With one swim spa river jet, you are able to build strength by swimming, walking, or jogging in place.

So what is Hydrotherapy For Heart? Cal Spas encourages spa owners (or soon to be spa owners) to soak in your Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa for three days a week with a minimum of 10 minutes. Why is this encouraged? TO MAKE YOUR HEART STRONG! We want you to be healthy and happy in your everyday life.

How does hydrotherapy make me happier? Hydrotherapy will make you feel like you are living on cloud 9 after each session. Your fitness session in the F-1222 will overall increase your well being because you are moving your body and releasing endorphins in your brain which helps your mood, energy, and sleep.

Hydrotherapy is a perfect conclusion to your day. Melt away all the stress from in a 10-minute soak break. Let Cal Spas hit your reset button. Forget the bathtub, simply life the spa cover and step into the warm blankets of jets that are designed to relieve deep tissue and soft tissue muscles.

Swim Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas by Cal Spas are an excellent solution for an at-home aquatic exercise and make the perfect alternative to any traditional in-ground pool. Instead of choosing between a spa and a pool, gain the benefits of both! Relaxation is steps away, experience therapy and gain endurance from your backyard.

Learn more about the exercise equipment for Cal Spas Swim Spas on our blog – Exercise In Your Cal Spas Fitness Swim Spa | A Healthy Habit

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