Give the Gift of Cal Spas This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Cal Spas This Holiday Season

Not all great gifts fit under the Christmas Tree. Give the gift of hydrotherapy this holiday season. A Cal Spas hot tub will benefit your family for many years to come. Cal Spas offers the highest quality hot tubs that feature advanced home resort technology. Cal Spas leads the way in giving users an unrivaled comfort, relaxation, and aquatic massage experience. Strong structural support crafted into the foundation of each spa allows for years of constant use without the worry of breaking or damage.

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa this year. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Heal Your Body
  2. Exercise More
  3. Sleep Better at Night

Take a look to see WHY Cal Spas is the best choice. Check out our exclusive features such as the ATS TM, AAT TM, Pro-Trainer TM, Fountain of Youth TM, and U-SelectTM.

Take a look at our infographic to find the spa that suits your lifestyle.

If you already are a Cal Spas Hot Tub and Swim Spa owner, we have a few ideas that you can gift that will fit under the Christmas tree. Here we go:

Fitness Equipment – $3-545

Aromatherapy – $3-$12

Underwater Disco Light – $20

Spa Caddy – $60

Towel Tree – $80

Smart Bar – $90

LED Handrail – $189

Outdoor Shower – $250

Spa Umbrella – $480

Spa Steps

Spa Surrounds

Make a true backyard paradise on your living space with Cal Spas Hot Tub or Fitness Swim Spa by adding spa surrounds, steps, d├ęcor, and other great accessories. Find your local Cal Spas dealer on our website and make this holiday season a year to remember. You can also find spa replacement parts on Quick Spa Parts.

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