Benefits of Using Hot Water and Hydrotherapy to Heal Your Body

Benefits of Using Hot Water and Hydrotherapy to Heal Your Body

When our heart rate goes up, our hearts pump faster to pump more blood per stroke in order to transport needed oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Doing light exercises in hot water will heal you because healing begins when blood flow increases on the injured location.

Immersion increases circulation – When you are in the water, your heart pumps faster, your BPM increases. Therefore, your heart is pumping harder and your circulation will increase. Your arteries and veins dilate to carry more blood. Please check with your doctor if you have high blood pressure. 

Water relieves pressure on our body – When your body is soaking in hot water, dopamine is released which causes immediate relaxation. Soaking in hot water is a healthy way to cope because it will also relieve anxiety, stress, pain, and fatigue.

The buoyancy of the water reduces the amount of weight we bear on our joints due to gravity – Take off the pressure and regroup your mind and body by floating in the water and moving around slowly. Close your eyes and dream or even meditate about the pleasures that life has to offer. 

Increase flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion – Stretching in hot water (hot tub yoga) is a great way to build your core strength. Stretching in hot water will also remove the lactic acid build up in the muscles that cause your muscles to be sore. Drink water after you stretch to help remove the toxins in your body.

Immersing in a Cal Spas Hot Tub will ultimately allow you to heal. Wind down from a long day and rest your mind and body. Treat yourself every evening. Easily adjust your mindset to be more positive considering you are more relaxed. Reconnect with your friends and family. Soaking in a Cal Spas Hot Tub is a healthy habit that can heal and relax you.

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