Go Green with Cal Spas!

Go Green with Cal Spas!

Cal Spas is the leader in Green technology with the best performance, sanitation and safety in the industry! Most hot tubs that claim to be Green suffer from off-gassing, which is when building materials are releasing chemicals into the air through evaporation. To avoid this harmful effect on the environment, Cal Spas has taken a smarter, greener approach.

Introducing the Complete Sanitation System – the quietest, most efficient system available!

  • Our exclusive Pure XL™ system eliminates off-gassing, making Cal Spas the only true Green spas available. This system successfully purifies water using the power of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms and germs without releasing chemicals into the air. This exclusive Pure XL™ system has been designed to integrate with the XL Heat Exchanger™ and 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution™ pump, creating the most efficient hot tub in the industry.
  • The Eco-friendly 40/50 Green Pack™ has been engineered to lower operating costs by using smart technology to lower heating consumption. This unique green package operates two pumps and one heater on a standard 40 amp circuit, compared to the 50 amp circuit required for other hot tubs, which saves you money!
  • Only Cal Spas has the industry’s smartest, Eco-friendly heater – the patented XL Heat Exchanger™. It is the most dependable, longest lasting heater in the industry! Its heating element is coiled around a stainless tube, which never comes into contact with the water and prevents turbulence and chemical corrosion. This 5.5 kW heater can also step down to 1.35 kW with the use of a 40 amp circuit, which lowers operating costs.
  • The energy-efficient 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution™ Pump is the most efficient filtering pump available. It maximizes the flow of warm spa water by efficiently pumping water through the filter and heater at 50 gallons per minute while using only 0.7 amps of power and lowering energy costs.

Cut Your Energy Costs with Cal Spas!
All Cal Spas hot tubs are recognized by the California Energy Commission as energy-efficient. These innovative hot tubs are also engineered to minimize energy costs at all times from installation to heavy usage. Finally a hot tub for pure relaxation that is actually good for the environment and your budget! Sounds pretty good to me!

To learn more about Cal Spas’ Eco-friendly features, visit: www.calspas.com

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