Green Living Go Green with Cal Spas!

Go Green with Cal Spas!

Cal Spas is the leader in Green technology with the best performance, sanitation and safety in the industry! Most hot tubs that claim to be Green suffer from off-gassing, which is when building materials are releasing chemicals into the air through evaporation. To avoid this harmful effect on the environment, Cal Spas has taken a …

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Green Living Exclusive Pure XL™ System

Exclusive Pure XL™ System

Only Cal Spas hot tubs have a state-of-the-art purifying system. Our exclusive Pure XL™ system successfully purifies spa water using the power of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms and germs without releasing chemicals into the air. This Eco-friendly Pure XL™ system has been designed to integrate with the XL Heat Exchanger™ and 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration …

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Hot Tubs Exclusive 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™

Exclusive 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™

The 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™ by Cal Spas is the most dependable, longest lasting spa heater in the industry. From the moment water enters the heating chamber, warmth is immediately transferred from the XL Heat Exchanger’s patented design. Instead of immersing heating coils in the spa water, the heating element is coiled around a …

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