Immerse in Special Moments

Immerse in Special Moments

Life is about the connections we share and the memories we create. Same ol’ routines is sometimes a bore. Spicing up any relationship is sometimes a challenge and need much thought. With Cal Spas, you can effortlessly create a wonderful evening with your partner that will last a lifetime.

Create a private space in your home resort with Cal Spas for each occasion. Shortly after owning a Hot Tub or Swim Spa, the benefits it has on your everyday life will be noticeable. Just a 15-minute soak, and the impact of peace and relaxation will be tremendous.

Additionally, your relationships will be more energized and lively. Hot Tubs from Cal Spas give you an opportunity to sit in a warm comfortable place, decompress, and talk about the wonders of life.

Cal Spas has a spa for every lifestyle, we put together 4 of our most modest spas for you to build the best connection with your partner.

Discover beautiful tubs with powerful pumps:

This spa has a unique triangular shape to fit on any nook of your patio. The PPZ-628T is a modest size tub and immensely powerful. Intimately fit 2 people, which makes this spa perfect for empty nesters, young couples, or small patios.

With this model, we added great new features! The Pure Silk™ reduces amount of chemicals needed – oxidize organic waste. Also, enjoy a built-in sound system that includes a Subwoofer and Bluetooth. For aesthetics, your waterfall handrail includes an LED light along with perimeter lighting.

This is spa that will capture your heart. Fully loaded with 34 exclusive candy cane jets to cure your stress. Fits 3 people with a full size lounger and two captain seats. Enjoy blissful ambience of the LED Waterfall as your focal point.

Our more shallow swim spa is Ideal for beginner level of fitness. With one swim spa river jet, you are able to build strength by swimming, walking or jogging in place. For a complete aquatic work out, you can set up the fitness handle bar and anchors for bicep building exercises. You can have a lot of fun exercising with your favorite people!

Visit an Authorized Cal Spas Dealer for financing and specials. 

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