Two Chemical-Free Alternatives to Sanitize Your Spa Water!

Two Chemical-Free Alternatives to Sanitize Your Spa Water!

 Do you hate dealing with harsh chemicals every time you have to balance and check your spa’s water system? Here’s two alternatives to lessen your exposure to the harsh cleaning chemicals involved in spa maintenance and keep your spa cleaner for longer!

Ozone Sanitizing System

An ozone sanitizing system commonly known as an ozonator is a great upgrade to maintaining your spa’s cleanliness. The device pumps ozone gas into the water to help attract and scrub any microscopic particles out of your spa’s water.

The ozonator is plumbed directly in line to the plumbing in your spa. It injects an oxygen rich gas that is extremely effective in cleaning your spa. This reduces the number of chemical flashes you must do to keep your spa clean. This greatly reduces chemical use and will help any owner to reduce their maintenance costs for their spa.

An effective ozonator set up can lead up to a 50-80% reduction in chlorine needed to clean the water leading to significantly less chlorine exposure to your skin and body when using your spa! Ozone gas is 100% safe and natural and is not harmful to your skin or body.

Upgrade your spa with an Ozone System today!

PureSilk Ozonator 110V Spas

PureSilk Ozonator 240V Spas

UV Sanitizing System

The next system is considered the most advanced water cleaning method available on the market today!

The ultraviolet light method of water sanitation is 100% chemical free and uses a housed UV lamp that kills bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in the water. The system is easy to install and wire up, and can reduce chlorine and chemical usage by up to 80%!

This 100% natural way of cleaning your water will also extend the life of all components in your spa. A cleaner water system will provide less strain on commonly swapped components such as your filter and pump. Reducing material build up will extend the overall life and enjoyment of your spa!

Upgrade your spa with a UV System today!

Cal Spas Complete UV Light Sanitation System

The Ultimate Clean

Both systems can be used in conjunction to maximize your pool cleanliness and reduce the use of harsh chemicals or treatments in your water! Here below is a diagram of how an Ozone/UV system would be set up! The systems are fairly simple to install, but we at CalSpas recommend a professional installation for the most efficient water sanitation set up!

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