New Year, New Spa, New You.

New Year, New Spa, New You.

It is an annual tradition in the New Year to set goals and become a better version of our selves. We look back on moments, celebrations, mistakes, and we evolve. During the New Years, we raise our glasses and toast to another year on this luxurious and marvelous planet. It is the final countdown to get ready for another year to come.

What are your resolutions? Here are some thoughts:

  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • More sleep
  • A better outlook on life
  • More time in nature
  • Taking time to yourself
  • Become better rested
  • Build Relationships
  • Bond with family
  • Celebrate with Friends
  • Move more freely
  • Clear your mind
  • Relieve stress

If your thoughts are aligning with my thoughts, then investing in hydrotherapy is the best choice. Soaking in a Cal Spas Hot Tub or having a fitness session in a Cal Spas Swim Spa once a day or at least once a week will dramatically improve your life. Your mind will become more alert and your heart will become stronger. The more you relax, the less you stress! Learn more about how hydrotherapy can make benefit your body on our post here.

Cal Spas is releasing a variety of brand new molds for 2019. As a manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering the best hydrotherapy session each and every time for many years to come. Our team is constantly improving and enhancing features that make every single penny totally worth it. Finding the right spa is based on the size of your family, your budget, and patio size. Take a look at our online infographic to get an idea of what spa may be best for you.

Staying fit is not always easy. Life gets busy with work, relationships, and family. Somehow we always have to find a balance and make time for ourselves to get fit. The better we feel, the better we do, the better everyone else feels too! This is where Cal Spas Fitness Swim Spas makes your life EASY! By adding a fitness spa in your backyard oasis you are accomplishing fitness, entertainment, and family time throughout the entire year. You will stay fit, spend time with family by playing games and having fun. Additionally, each occasion you can invite friends to celebrate with you! The most popular swim spa of 2018 is the F-1325. View the entire Fitness Swim Spa line up on our website.

Find your local Cal Spas dealer on our website and make 2019 a year that you come alive. Enhance your Cal Spas hydrotherapy sessions by adding Cal Metro and Steps to your private oasis.

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