The Best Spas of the Summer | American Made From Cal Spas

The Best Spas of the Summer | American Made From Cal Spas

Summertime is a blissful season filled with sunshine, wildflowers, butterflies, and discovering new and exciting habits. It is a time where the weather is perfect and exploration is a must.

Take advantage of the season and plan your own private escape within your backyard living space. Create an oasis full of relaxation and luxury with Cal Spas.

Skip the hectic beaches, costly hotel fees, and choose to immerse yourself in creating a life you have always dreamt of on your own private property. Make every day a stay home vacation with Cal Spas.

Changing the way you feel each and every day. Simply boost your attitude, self-esteem, and health with only a 15-minute session inside a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa. It’s that simple to enhance your life and decrease your stress.

Take a look at the most popular spas of the summer:

EC-739: 6 person spa, 39 Velocity Jets

Pacifica EC-739 

The EC-739 is a mold that carries many features at a very cost-effective price. It is a seven-foot spa that fits up to six people. With 39 exclusive Velocity Jets, this spa operates using a 2-pump system at 240 volts.

Enjoy rotating to each seat with various jet placements for maximum hydrotherapy. The EC-739 is available in bench seating or choose the model with a full-size lounger to fully sit back and relax in.


PPZ-534L: 3 Person Spa, 33 Candy Cane Jets

Kona PPZ-534L

The Patio Kona PPZ-534L is an ideal spa for small families, empty nesters, and baby boomers. You can fit this portable spa inside or outside in any niche. Leaving a small footprint of 64”x84”x34” with 33 Candy Cane Jets, LED cascade waterfall, 5” Spa multi-colored spa light, and Y-Pillows for ultimate relaxation.

Intuitively control the Kona PPZ-534L by using the Cal Spas full colored Oval Control panel. Easily change the jet pressure, filter cycles, and so much more with the Cal Spas Oval Control.

PZ-621L: 6 Person Spa, 21 Candy Cane Jets

Hawaiian PZ-621L

The Cal Spas Hawaiian PZ-621L comes equipped with ideal seating, strategic jet placement, and exclusive features. The Hawaiian PZ-621L is a 6.5-foot spa with 20 Candy Cane Jets and 1 Turbo Diverter Whirlpool Jet.

The PZ-621L fits up to 6 people with one full-sized lounger, bench seating, and (3) I-pillows. For the perfect ambiance, the PZ-621L comes equipped with a cascade waterfall and a 5” multi-colored LED spa light. Control the spa with a cutting-edge, fully intuitive, LED Smart Control.

EC-754DL: 5 Person Spa, 54 Velocity Jets

Escape Malibu EC-754DL

The Escape Malibu EC-754DL is a ‘His and Hers’ spa considering the two loungers are made to fit a woman’s body flawlessly, and a man’s body impeccably. The lounger made for ‘her’ has grooves surrounding the legs; therefore the woman does not float to the top. The lounger made for ‘him’ is broad and built for a masculine body. On both loungers, different jet placement has been strategically placed to accommodate both body types.

The dimensions to the EC-754DL are 87” x 87”x 39 ½”. The Escape 754DL Cal Spas Hot Tub can fit up to 5 people comfortably, with a giant foot well including jets. The EliminatorTM High-Performance Pump comes equipped using a 2-pump system of 6.0 BHP with an operating voltage of 240V.

Dual Zone Swim Spa

Olympain F-1896-DZ F-1896-DZ

The F-1896-DZ is a Dual Zone Swim Spa made for swimming to your own endurance. The swim zone is an endless current made for an extreme fitness experience; the spa zone is a full-sized spa for hydrotherapy that can fit up to 3 people.

Built with Swim Spa Jet System V and (2) River Jets. The Swim Spa Jet current is so strong that we added Tornado Jets on each side to keep the swimmer in place. Take a look at the most fully loaded swim spa on the market today.

Swim Zone

  • 1 X 6 BHP Eliminator High-Performance ™ Pump
  • 3 X 6 BHP Swim Jet Pump
  • 56 Stainless Steel Rain Jets Vertical Hydrossage
  • CrossCurrent Swim Tornado Jets (2)
  • Stainless Steel Swim Spa Jet System V: Power Stream Swim Jets (3) River Jets (2).
  • Stainless Steel Exercise Bar and Handrail: (2) 9” & (1) 27”
  • Tether Anchors
  • (8) Hydrostreamers
  • (16) Underwater LED Lights
  • 5” Multi-Color LED Lighting
  • Bio-Clean Filter™ with TeleWeir : 100 Sq. Ft.

Spa Zone

  • 1 X 6 BHP Eliminator High-Performance ™ Pump
  • (1) Full Size Lounger
  • (2) Captain Seats
  • Step in/Kool Off Seat
  • (33) Exclusive Candy Cane Jets
  • LED Cascade Waterfall
  • 5” Multi-Color LED Lighting
  • Bio-Clean Filter™ with TeleWeir : 50 Sq. Ft.

Cal Spas control panels are intuitive and easy to read. The F-1896-DZ includes Whisper Power Unit™ Equipment with Full Color and Cal-SpaTouch2™ Swim Auxiliary & Spa Panel.

Make your summer amazing by visiting your local Cal Spas Dealer and choosing the hot tub that you always dream about.

Get started and feel amazing in every aspect of your life by rejuvenating yourself and living stress-free.  Your time is now… give us a call today!

Save BIG this year by visiting Cal Spas at the LA County Fair! Come see each spa and swim spa LIVE and choose the one that is right for you and your family. Summer is the only time of the year that you can BUY DIRECT from Cal Spas. Do not miss out this year. GO BIG AND GO HOME (to sweet relaxation.. ahhh yes!) See the entire collection from Cal Spas on our website.

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