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The Best Spas of the Summer | American Made From Cal Spas

Summertime is a blissful season filled with sunshine, wildflowers, butterflies, and discovering new and exciting habits. It is a time where the weather is perfect and exploration is a must. Take advantage of the season and plan your own private escape within your backyard living space. Create an oasis full of relaxation and luxury with …

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Events Enjoy Cal Spas All Summer Long!

Enjoy Cal Spas All Summer Long!

It’s here! It’s here! Summer is here! Good ol’ Sunshine and summer breaks are upon us and we couldn’t be happier. We have our Cal Spas shades on, baseball cap, and smiles on our faces as we approach the summer festivities. Summer can come with heat waves and triple digit weather… However, we know we …

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Cabinets A Hot Tub Summer

A Hot Tub Summer

This summer is geared up to be a scorcher! A 102° hot tub will probably not sound as appealing as it does right now. However, there are ways to make this summer A HOT TUB SUMMER. There are certain things you can do to enjoy you spa this summer without overheating your body. Just keep …

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Entertainment Swim Spas

Swim Spas

A Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness™ Swim Spa is a place to stay fit, laugh with friend and family and to create memories. Swim Spas are a new sort of hot tub trend raising in popularity. Not only do they provide the same hydrotherapy benefits as a “regular-sized” hot tub, they also make a great alternative …

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