Hot Tubs Relaxing Spa Paradise

Relaxing Spa Paradise

Experience the world of unmatched hydrotherapy with the E750B hot tub by Cal Spas. Bask in absolute relaxation as 50 hydrotherapy spa jets whisk you away to your own tropical paradise. You and your family will enjoy six comfortable seats that conform to your body’s natural lines to deliver uninterrupted hot tub relaxation. Each seat also …

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Hot Tubs Cal Spas Escape™ Series

Cal Spas Escape™ Series

The Escape™ Series by Cal Spas offers the perfect blend of value and relaxation amenities. These breathtaking hot tubs provide an escape from the stresses of everyday, right in the comfort of your own home. Lean back and feel the invigorating hydrotherapy jets melt away your tired and sore muscles. The Escape™ hot tubs feature …

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Green Living Exclusive Cal-Clarity™ II Bromine Generator

Exclusive Cal-Clarity™ II Bromine Generator

Sodium bromide (NaBr) is an effective bacteria killer that should be part of every hot tub’s water clarity regimen. The Eco-friendly Cal-Clarity™ II Bromine Generator by Cal Spas instantly turns salt into bromine to keep your hot tub water clean and fresh. This perpetual sanitation cycle kills bacteria, algae and other pathogenic organisms without ever …

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Green Living Eco-Friendly Purification System

Eco-Friendly Purification System

Ozone is a naturally occurring substance in the Earth’s atmosphere and features several purification qualities that have been used to clean air and water for centuries. Ozone is an important element of any clear water plan and is essential to keep your spa water clean and pure for you and your loved ones. The Cal …

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