The Best Hot Tub Features For Hydrotherapy

The Best Hot Tub Features For Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water, both internally and externally and at varying temperatures, for health purposes. To practice it, you need to do it in the following: saunas, steam baths, foot baths, contrast therapy, hot and cold showers, and water therapy.

However, we recommend using a Cal Spas Hot Tub. Cal Spas has the best hot tubs and features for your hydrotherapy needs.

Not sure about the hot tub features you should use when practicing Hydrotherapy? Here are the best hot tub features you can use for hydrotherapy:

Spa Jets

Spa Jets will give you the best hydro massage! Utilize all the different sized jets to pinpoint the deepest layers of pain like muscle tissues and tendons. We recommend using Cal Spas Velocity Jets and Candy Cane Jets. These jets are stylish and can aid with soothing sore muscles.

Adjustable Therapy System (ATS)

The Adjustable Therapy System is one of the best features you can use! It allows you to choose from nine varying pulse modes that reduces the stress and tension from sore muscles. Choose which jets you need to use, relax, and enjoy your hydrotherapy experience!

U-Select Designed for You and by You!

Hydrotherapy isn’t only about going inside a body of water for a few minutes, it’s a total experience that is uniquely for you. The Cal Spas U-Select hydrotherapy system allows you to personalize a Cal Spas Platinum Spa by selective your own unique combination of jets and pressure intensities to wash away stubborn pain and relieve everyday stress. In addition, U-Select jets can even be adjusted to specific areas of your tub for an even more optimized therapeutic experience.

Aquatic Air Therapy Jets

The Aquatic Air Therapy uses a unique combination of air and water along with jet engine technology to transform your tub’s temperature waters into a powerful soft tissue experience. The Aquatic Air Therapy Jets work in concert with the massage ring to provide a massage therapy experience for sore muscles and aching joints.

Try these hot tub features to get the best hydrotherapy experience!

Visit or dial 1-800-CAL-SPAS to find the hot tub that is right for you and your needs.

Hydrotherapy to Heal Minds and Bodies
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