Top Ten Reasons To Choose Cal Spas As Your Hot Tub and Swim Spa Choice!

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Cal Spas As Your Hot Tub and Swim Spa Choice!

Cal Spas offer more than an upgrade to your outdoor living space —they reconceptualize what your home can mean to you and your friends and family. Cal Spas mission is not only to deliver the highest quality tubs and spas complete with the industry’s latest technology, but to give you and your family the spa experience they deserve. Cal Spas hot tubs and swim spas foster more time together and a lifetime of memories when you and your loved ones relax in the comfort that only a home resort space can offer. Each of Cal Spas unique hot tub and swim spa concepts will transform your outdoor living space into a one-of-a-kind home resort that will transform the way you and your family enjoy your home.

American Made

No matter where in the world they ultimately call home, ever Cal Spa hot tub is manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in scenic Pomona, California. Cal Spas takes tremendous pride in offering a wide range of American made products and accessories, and in the fact that our company has remained at the forefront of the home resort industry through the creation of jobs and through our continued support of American workers.

Widest Selection

No other spa manufacturer can offer Cal Spas array of shapes, designs, and molds. With thousands of customizations available for even our most discerning customers, you’ll be able to find the spa that suits your needs no matter what your budget. We can custom design a tub or swim spa to your existing property, or work with you to create a tub for the home you’re presently designing. The diversity of our product line and adaptability of our designs are what has propelled us to the top of the home resort industry.

Standard of Excellence

At Cal Spas, the safety of all our tubs, spas and accessories is a top priority. Every hot tub design is listed with the Underwriters Laboratory for maximum quality and safety. That means each of our product designs is laboratory tested to strict standards for quality and safety before they ever reach the market. Cal Spas is proud to offer our customers the highest quality, safest home resort products at the industry’s best prices.


No other manufacturer in the home resort industry offers as many standard features than Cal Spas. The diversity and adaptability of our designs allow us the ability to offer a unique set of features that will make relaxing the bubbling waters of your tub experience you and your family will benefit from for years to come.

An Invigorating, Dynamic & Unparalleled Spa Experience

We’ve all enjoyed hot tubs at resorts, health clubs and at friend’s homes. However, enjoying a Cal Spas hot tub is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Regardless of the type and style of the tub you choose, you’ll relish in the fact that every seat has been specially designed to cradle your body in the most comfortable areas —all to maximize your comfort and relaxation. Molded armrests provide soothing support while floor-mounted therapy jets massage away the day’s tensions through your feet, palms and wrists. Looking for a more personalized experience? The strategic jet placement allows special care to be focused on body areas that are most commonly in need of daily attention —including the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Shell Construction and Seating

When we say every Cal Spas hot tub can offer you years of soothing, comforting relaxation, we mean it. That’s because each spa is precision engineered to the industry’s highest quality standards, meaning your home resort experience will be something you can enjoy for years to come.

Precision Muscle Relief Therapy

 At Cal Spas, we understand that many of our clients seek an ultimate hydrotherapy experience for the particular demands of their body. That’s why we work to ensure that basking in the warm waters of your home’s Cal Spas tub caters to you. From our innovative countered seats and varyingly-positioned jet systems, each of our spas offers a full body hydromassage simply sitting in different areas of your home spa. One tub can offer you an entire resort’s worth of therapeutic comfort —right at your own home.

The Strongest, Most Durable Spa Shell in the Industry

 Durability is at the heart of every Cal Spas tub. Our industry-leading manufacturing process vacuum-forms high-quality acrylic sheets before they are reinforced with vinyl ester and fiberglass. Each tub then undergoes a curing process before its shell is coated with resin filler, fiberglass, and calcium carbonate. Reinforced supports and angled irons are added to maximize stability before a final filler coat is applied to seal and bond the entire structure.

Stylish Entertainment

Cal Spas intuitive operating controls let you alter the look and feel of your hot tub with easy-to-use touch button controls. Underwater LED lighting allows you to set the mood for your evening soak while C-LITE™ LED Cabinet Lighting adds ambiance to your spa’s exterior and surroundings. Cal Spas Sound Systems allows you to sit back and relax to your own personal meditative playlist or entertain friends with Cal Spas Sound Systems technology

A Spa Experience Like No Other

The Cal Spas lifestyle is about more than creating a fun and relaxing place for you to enjoy the company of friends and family —it’s also about embracing a new lifestyle of health and wellness that hydrotherapy can provide. Let the warm, flowing waters of your spa take your pain and frustration away with the confidence of knowing you’ve made a sound investment you’ll be enjoying for years to come. Each Cal Spas tub and swim spa is expertly engineered and constructed for unparalleled structural strength and long-lasting durability. Whether you’re entertaining friends or relaxing in quiet solitude, the Cal Spas experience is one that will offer blissful enjoyment and comfort time and time again.



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