Hydrotherapy For Heart – A Ten Minute Soak For A Healthy Heart

Hydrotherapy For Heart – A Ten Minute Soak For A Healthy Heart

Cal Spas is more than just relaxing away in a hot tub. It is about living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. When you live a healthy lifestyle, your heart GROWS! Literally, it gets stronger every day. Not only through the memories that we create while rejuvenating by ourselves, or with loved ones, but it actually does make your heart stronger physically too.

Hydrotherapy has healing properties.

Definition of Hydrotherapy: The use of water to relieve discomfort to promote physical well being.

How it works: The heat starts to increase the circulation of your blood in the body causing your heart to pump harder and faster. Ultimately, your blood pressure drops. This is the ideal state to be in. You are able to lower your blood pressure and pump your heart more, making your heart stronger, while soaking in a Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

Cal Spas Hydrotherapy also stimulates your white blood cells and removes toxins in the tissues. This is a good time to say, drink plenty of water after your ten-minute soak so you can flush out all the toxins from your body.

Soaking in a Cal Spas Hot Tub can also help relieve depression, fatigue, digestive problems, menstrual problems, and headaches.

Hydrotherapy For Heart is encouraging spa owners (or soon to be spa owners) to soak in your Cal Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa at least a few times a week for a minimum of 10 minutes. Why is this encouraged? TO MAKE YOUR HEART STRONG!

Cal Spas wants you to be healthy and happy so you can live your life to the fullest. How does this happen? Hydrotherapy will make you feel on top of the world after each session. You will be walking on clouds with a big ol’ smile on your face.

Hydrotherapy is a perfect conclusion to your day. Melt away all the stress from the day in just a 10-minute soak. Forget the bathtub, simply life the spa cover and step into the warm blankets of jets that are designed to relieve deep tissue and soft tissue muscles.


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