How does stress affect your health?

How does stress affect your health?

Learning to cope with stress is a challenge we all must face. As humans, we have different stressors throughout our lifetime and it is up to us to decide our coping methods.

It is good to cope in a healthy way to release negative thoughts and feelings and that is where Cal Spas Hydrotherapy comes in. Hydrotherapy is a great way to cope with stress for many reasons you can find here.

So the question is… “How does stress affect your health?”

Headaches- The tension created in your muscles when stressed can cause headaches.

Insomnia – Stress will make it hard to fall asleep due to over thinking

Irritated digestive tract – Stress affects your body’s Digestive System, therefore, it can lead to stomach aches, nausea, and even irritated bowel syndrome.

Lower your immune system – Long-term stress weakens your immune system leaving you more vulnerable to infections.

Create foggy thinking – Stress can wear you down emotionally and can cause depression.

Muscles feel fatigued – Stress makes muscles tense and can lead to backaches and headaches.

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to what we are experiencing and everyone goes through it. Master your lifestyle and you will master your thoughts which will master your stress levels.

Great ways to cope with stress are to first identify unhealthy coping methods and stop those bad habits. Additionally, stay active and do not stop moving. Dance by yourself or with friends, take a walk in nature and go to exercising classes or the gym. Get involved with your community or join a club. And the biggest coping method is your attitude. Your attitude is everything. The better your attitude the easier life becomes. And oh! don’t forget to stop to smell the flowers on your nature walk…

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