Hot Tub Product Warranty Registration

Hot Tub Product Warranty Registration

Cal Spas is the #1 Hot Tub Manufacturer with leading-edge design and patented technology. We take pride in supporting you and helping take care of any issue that may arise.

When you are buying a brand new spa it is the best choice to register your new Cal Spas Hot Tub immediately. To find out what is under the warranty, we recommend you view the owner’s manual to see what the warranty applies for your spa model. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you can find a digital copy online here.

Registering your new Cal Spas product is quick and easy. By taking just a few quick minutes to register you can have more efficient support and quicker service.

First, you must locate the product serial number: The serial number of your spa is located on a metal plate attached to the inside of the door for the equipment area.

You will need this number to properly register your spa and activate coverage. Write this information and keep it in a safe spot for future use:

Second, go to the Cal Spas website and fill in your information then click “Send Warranty Info to submit.

After you submit your information then email original contract to 

Following these steps will make things so much easier when a problem arises. We will be able to help you faster to take the proper steps to get your hydrotherapy sessions back and better than ever.

Cal Spas welcomes you into the Family! Cal Spas stands behind our product and we strive to give you the best hydrotherapy experience possible. We sincerely hope you enjoy your new hot tub. If you have questions please call customer service at 1-800-Cal-Spas or email

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