Entertainment Book Your Staycation Today!

Book Your Staycation Today!

The first official day of Summer is June 20th. While many people are in quaratine due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many ways to enjoy the summer while being at home! Start planning your staycation today! Get your spa ready! Get ready for spa experiences that will be unforgettable! Whether you’re with friends, family, …

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Entertainment Things To Do During Your Staycation!

Things To Do During Your Staycation!

Due to the Cornavirus pandemic, many people have been quarantined at home. While it may seem like being at home isn’t exciting, it can be the perfect vacation for you! Here are some things that you can do during your staycation! 1) Exercise Exercising is a great way to stay in shape and to improve …

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Entertainment 4 Reasons to Practice Hydrotherapy!

4 Reasons to Practice Hydrotherapy!

Cal Spas are designed with your complete relaxation and enjoyment in mind. Our luxury hydrotherapy takes you away from the stresses of everyday life to a place of pure tranquility. Did you know that in addition to providing instant stress relief, there are a number of lifestyle and health benefits associated with regular hot tub …

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Swim Spa Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tub maintenance can be made simple by cutting it down to a 3-step system: Balancing Sanitizing Shocking Balancing spa water means that the water is neither too alkaline (high pH) which causes destructive scale buildup on equipment, nor too acidic (low pH) which may erode plumbing and cause costly damage to spa pumps, seals and …

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Cabinets Introducing the New Patio Series Spas

Introducing the New Patio Series Spas

Introducing the latest addition to the popular Patio™ Spa Series by Cal Spas.The all new Z735L and Z735B spas provide users a higher performing spa and a more invigorating hydro therapeutic experience while remaining within a competitive price point. The new Patio™ Spas were specifically engineered by Cal Spas® professional product development team to provide consumer the best quality …

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