Things To Do During Your Staycation!

Things To Do During Your Staycation!

Turn your summer vacation into a spa worthy-staycation!

Due to the Cornavirus pandemic, many people have been quarantined at home. While it may seem like being at home isn’t exciting, it can be the perfect vacation for you! Here are some things that you can do during your staycation!

1) Exercise

Workout your upper and lower body in a Cal Spas Swim Spa during your staycation!

Exercising is a great way to stay in shape and to improve your overall health during your staycation. Exercise for 30 min – 1 hour a day and see results within days! You can exercise using your body weight, resistance bands, or weights! We recommend working out in a Cal Spas Swim Spa. The Cal Spas Swim Spa contains Swim Jet System V with 2 River Jets and 3 Power Stream Jets, allowing you to swim against a smooth current. In addition, Cal Spas Swim Spas include exercise equipment, allowing you to workout your upper and lower body. The Cal Spas Swim Spa will give you the best workout without ever having to leave your own backyard!

2) Hydrotherapy

Practice hydrotherapy when you use a Cal Spas hot tub!

Soak in warm water for 25-30 minutes. Not only will you feel relaxed, but you will notice how your mood has improved as you feel more positive. Practice hydrotherapy by yourself or invite your family! When practicing hydrotherapy, we recommend using a Cal Spas hot tub! Cal Spas hot tubs are designed to enhance your hydrotherapy experience and are perfect for your staycation!

3) Grill Food

Grill some tasty food with a Cal Flame BBQ Grill during your staycation!

Who needs to order fast food through apps or online when you can grill delicious food! Invite friends or family and grill some tasty food for everyone! When grilling, be sure to use a Cal Flame BBQ Grill. Cal Flame BBQ grills can turn your backyard into a state-of-the art outdoor kitchen! These grills are designed for lasting durability and quality constructed out of premium outdoor-materials! In addition, these grills contain many accessories that are tailored to you cooking style. It is perfect for your staycation!

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