4 Reasons to Practice Hydrotherapy!

4 Reasons to Practice Hydrotherapy!

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Cal Spas are designed with your complete relaxation and enjoyment in mind. Our luxury hydrotherapy takes you away from the stresses of everyday life to a place of pure tranquility. Did you know that in addition to providing instant stress relief, there are a number of lifestyle and health benefits associated with regular hot tub use?

Below you will find some of the amazing lifestyle and health benefits associated with regular hot tub use and practicing hydrotherapy:

1) Improves Overall Well-Being
Unwind in the tranquility of soothing hot water as the therapeutic heat raises your body temperature, bolsters the immune system and triggers endorphins – the body’s natural pain blockers.

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2) Soothing Pain Relief
When is comes to treating sore muscles, no other hot tub manufacturer compares to Cal Spas™. Our hot tubs are designed to deliver targeted hydrotherapy to specific muscle groups to effectively relieve pain.

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3) Arthritis Relief
Water buoyancy greatly relieves joints and muscles of constant pressure. According to the Arthritis Foundation, doctors recommend soaking in warm water before starting your day to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Additionally, warm water temporarily relieves stiffness and joint aches, increasing flexibility.

Relieve arthritis and other join inflammations by using your Cal Spas Hot Tub!

4) Improved Sleep
Hydrotherapy before bedtime may assist in getting a more restful night of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends soaking in hot water before sleeping due to the associated calming effects. When exiting the spa the body’s internal thermostat drops and signals the mind that it is time to sleep. Both effects result in a truly refreshed morning without the grogginess that sleep aids can leave behind.

Ensure your sleep is improved when you practice hydrotherapy in your Cal Spas Hot Tub!

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Hydrotherapy to Heal Minds and Bodies
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