Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Hot Tub

Imagine escaping to your own personal sanctuary. Now imagine finding that place of pure relaxation in your very own backyard. With Cal Spas, you can instantly turn any backyard into your own relaxing, private spa getaway. Cal Spas hot tubs allow you to escape from the stresses of everyday life by providing a place for ultimate relaxation and creating timeless family memories.

Cal Spas hot tubs take you away with luxury hydrotherapy and are designed to complement your lifestyle at a remarkable value to match any budget. Our invigorating hydrotherapy experience combines the perfect blend of air, water, heat and tactile therapy, which makes Cal Spas the #1 hot tub choice for consumers. Cal Spas hot tubs also provide a constant source of entertainment that you can enjoy with family and friends as you listen to music, watch your favorite programs and enjoy each other’s company in your own relaxing at-home spa retreat.

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Preparing for Your Hot Tub Purchase

With Cal Spas, preparing for a hot tub has never been so simple! Before you make your hot tub purchase, it is important to find out if your backyard is ready for the installation of a hot tub. Fortunately, Cal Spas has created a Pre-Delivery Guide, which will help you choose the best location for your spa and will help ensure the proper installation.

To view the Cal Spas Pre-Delivery Guide, please visit: http://www.calspas.com/pdf/2011_manuals/Portable_spa_pre-delivery_guide.pdf

To learn more about Cal Spas hot tubs, please visit: www.calspas.com

Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Studies have shown that regular sauna use combined with exercise therapy can help purge the body of unwanted chemicals, solvents and toxic elements, and promote many wellness benefits.

Rejuvenate In Comfort
Just a few minutes in the warmth of a Cal Heat Infrared Sauna will soothe nerves, relieve tension and relax tight muscles. With Cal Heat’s wide selection of sauna styles, sizes, options and accessories, consumers can customize the perfect sauna to meet their Home Resort and budget ideals.

Detoxify the Body
A Cal Heat Infrared Sauna’s beneficial heat enhances the body’s natural detoxification process through the process of sweating. Warmth causes capillaries to dilate and increases blood flow, which pushes the heart to pump faster. Increased circulation allows the body to collect and flush out waste products. Sweat carries these waste products out of the body through the pores.

Improve the Immune System
During a Cal Heat Infrared Sauna session, the body’s temperature increases to a feverish level. A fever is the body’s natural defense to combating bacteria and viral agents, neither of which survive well at temperatures higher than normal body temperature. When fighting a cold, sitting in a sauna also helps to relieve nasal congestion and minor respiratory discomforts.

Relieve Muscle & Joint Stress
Soothing heat from a Cal Heat Infrared Sauna provides relief to stressed joints and tight muscles. As muscles are heated and warmed, they become more flexible and limber. Exposed to high heat, the body releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals. Increased blood circulation also delivers oxygen-rich blood to tired muscles to aid in muscle recovery.

Improve Skin Complexion
Cal Heat Infrared Saunas also aid rejuvenation of the skin for a vibrant complexion. As the body sweats, skin is cleansed from the inside out as increased circulation draws the skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface. As the heart pumps harder, more oxygen is delivered to the skin. Regular sauna usage promotes improved skin tone, elasticity, texture and clarity.

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The New Hot Tub Consumer

In the past, consumers purchased hot tubs strictly for entertainment purposes. Recent market research shows that consumer trends for the hot tub industry have changed and the majority of consumers are now purchasing hot tubs for three reasons:

In 2011, 33% of consumers purchased a hot tub to enhance social connections. Everyday connections, whether with family or friends, are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Cal Spas hot tubs allow you to connect with family and friends while enjoying the soothing effect of relaxing hydrotherapy.

In 2011, 39% of consumers purchased a hot tub for an escape from everyday life. Luckily, Cal Spas hot tubs are designed to provide a relaxing escape in the comfort of your own home. Our luxury hydrotherapy takes you away from the stresses of everyday life to a place of pure tranquility.

In 2011, 28% of consumers purchased a hot tub for health purposes. Cal Spas hot tubs offer a soothing alternative to pain and stress relief, and other health benefits. Our spa seats are ergonomically designed to cradle your body’s natural curves and feature relaxing massage therapy jets that target key stress prone areas of your body. Cal Spas hot tubs are also beneficial for people with physical injuries or limitations and those seeking an alternative for physical and sleep therapy, or rehabilitation.

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Improve Your Health with a Hot Tub

Cal Spas hot tubs are designed with your complete relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. Did you know that in addition to providing instant stress relief, there are a number of lifestyle and health benefits associated with regular hot tub use?

Below you will find some of the amazing health benefits associated with regular hot tub use:

Overall Well-Being
Unwind in the tranquility of soothing hot water as the therapeutic heat raises your body temperature, bolsters the immune system and triggers endorphins – the body’s natural pain blockers.

Soothing Pain Relief
When is comes to treating sore muscles, no other spa manufacturer compares to Cal Spas. Our hot tubs are designed to deliver targeted hydrotherapy to muscle groups to effectively relieve pain.

Arthritis Relief
Water buoyancy greatly relieves joints and muscles of constant pressure. According to the Arthritis Foundation, doctors recommend soaking in warm water before starting your day to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Additionally, warm water temporarily relieves stiffness and joint aches, increasing flexibility.

Improved Sleep
Hydrotherapy before bedtime may assist in getting a more restful night of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends soaking in hot water before sleeping due to the associated calming effects. When exiting the spa, the body’s internal thermostat drops and signals the mind that it is time to sleep. Both effects result in a truly refreshed morning without the grogginess that sleep aids can leave behind.

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Cal Spas Dealer Celebrates 20 Years

We are pleased to announce that Aqua~Pro, our valued Gatineau, Quebec-based dealer, celebrates their 20-year anniversary this month. This is an amazing milestone that Aqua~Pro has achieved and we are extremely proud of their accomplishment and hard work. Aqua~Pro has been a dedicated Cal Spas dealer for over 10 years and a truly amazing partner. We are honored to have Aqua~Pro as our dealer and look forward to our future together. Cheers to 20 more years!

To learn more about Aqua~Pro, please visit: http://www.piscinesaquapro.com/

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Go Green with Cal Spas!

Cal Spas is the leader in Green technology with the best performance, sanitation and safety in the industry! Most hot tubs that claim to be Green suffer from off-gassing, which is when building materials are releasing chemicals into the air through evaporation. To avoid this harmful effect on the environment, Cal Spas has taken a smarter, greener approach.

Introducing the Complete Sanitation System – the quietest, most efficient system available!

  • Our exclusive Pure XL™ system eliminates off-gassing, making Cal Spas the only true Green spas available. This system successfully purifies water using the power of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms and germs without releasing chemicals into the air. This exclusive Pure XL™ system has been designed to integrate with the XL Heat Exchanger™ and 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution™ pump, creating the most efficient hot tub in the industry.
  • The Eco-friendly 40/50 Green Pack™ has been engineered to lower operating costs by using smart technology to lower heating consumption. This unique green package operates two pumps and one heater on a standard 40 amp circuit, compared to the 50 amp circuit required for other hot tubs, which saves you money!
  • Only Cal Spas has the industry’s smartest, Eco-friendly heater – the patented XL Heat Exchanger™. It is the most dependable, longest lasting heater in the industry! Its heating element is coiled around a stainless tube, which never comes into contact with the water and prevents turbulence and chemical corrosion. This 5.5 kW heater can also step down to 1.35 kW with the use of a 40 amp circuit, which lowers operating costs.
  • The energy-efficient 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution™ Pump is the most efficient filtering pump available. It maximizes the flow of warm spa water by efficiently pumping water through the filter and heater at 50 gallons per minute while using only 0.7 amps of power and lowering energy costs.

Cut Your Energy Costs with Cal Spas!
All Cal Spas hot tubs are recognized by the California Energy Commission as energy-efficient. These innovative hot tubs are also engineered to minimize energy costs at all times from installation to heavy usage. Finally a hot tub for pure relaxation that is actually good for the environment and your budget! Sounds pretty good to me!

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Cal Spas Family Resort™ Series

Turn your backyard into the ultimate vacation getaway with a Family Resort™ hot tub. With up to 90 stress-relieving massage therapy jets and three high performance pumps, the Family Resort™ series by Cal Spas combines the finest in hydrotherapy with the latest in hot tub engineering. With contoured seating for up to six adults and day spa quality massage options, a Family Resort™ hot tub will turn your backyard into a relaxing entertainment destination for the whole family. Transform your backyard into a relaxing family spa retreat with a Family Resort™ hot tub today!

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Cal Spas SUPER SALE!!!!

Starting this month, Cal Spas will be hosting a series of Super Sales across the country! As the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products, Cal Spas produces premium collections of lifestyle products for every home and budget. With Cal Spas, your ultimate backyard Home Resort is finally within reach!

Be sure to check our blog and website every week to find the sale nearest you!

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Embrace the Cal Spas Platinum Lifestyle

Enjoy first-class hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home with the Platinum™ Series by Cal Spas. Only Platinum™ hot tubs combine elite styling cues and premium features with the highest value in the industry. These elegant spas will take you away to your own relaxing, tropical oasis where you will experience the finest in luxury hydrotherapy. With invigorating massage therapy jets designed to target your sore, tired muscles and contoured seats that hug your body’s natural curves, Platinum™ hot tubs will take you away to a level of relaxation beyond your wildest imagination.  Experience the Platinum™ lifestyle with Cal Spas today!

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